Monday, August 1, 2011

The beginning!

Hello friends!  So I'm jumping on the band wagon and starting my own blog!  I'm not sure everyone is doing it...yet!  But here we go anyway!

Our family's daily life is not all that exciting, but this blog will give me a great outlet to journal life in general.  I mean don't you ever look at your kids and wonder where the time went?  I do!  I also look back and wonder why I didn't write things down more often.  After all, we can't all have our own reality TV show to document every amazing detail. 

This blogging thing is a little intimidating!  Really who doesn't have a million little things running through their head that they wouldn't want to share with the whole world?  But, the question is, are all those thoughts WORTHY of sharing with the whole world?  I may have to work on my filtering system.  Seriously, you be the judge!

So, I don't know what will go into this blog.  You may see family photos, quirky stories about the kids, pictures of my current crafting projects, helpful information passed on by others, ect.!

Enjoy!  R.

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